Thursday, 18 December 2008

Skirmishers and Generals

It thought today I would post some of the skirmish models and leaders I have painted. The models featured are Lee's Legion Foot, British Light Infantry, riflemen and an assortment of continental and British Officers. I have also included photo's of one of my generic continental battalions in a mixture of coat colours. At the end is also a picture of an almost finished curassier for my Quatre Bras French...just as a sample.

British Light Infantry

These figures are from Foundry's British Light Infantry pack. They are dressed in the midified field unform worn by the British from 1776 onwards. Although some regiments only cut down their coats, others, like the light infantry tended to modify their coats into roundabouts. These jackets lack the lace, lapels and tails of the earlier uniforms. This is a very simple uniform but it still looks fairly smart and practical to me. These figures are based in pairs to assist in calculating musketry in British Grenadier!

Lee's Legion Foot

These figures originally started life as left overs from my 23rd Fusilier regiment. I had to do some quite extensive conversions, as I did with the horse. Again I had to trim off the lapels, cuffs and headwear. I built up the headwear with green modelling putty and added the turban and crest. The purple uniform is somewhat strange but seems to fit in with deserter descriptions.

The Legion fought extensively but earned its reputation during the southern campaigns, fighting well at Guilford Courthouse especially.


These rifle figures are again from the Perry range of figures and are extremely good figures. I have quite a few of these. I have formed a whole battalion (which I will show later) and have the same amount in skirmish order. They were orginally painted to represent the Virginian riflemen in the GCH campaign but I have used them as Morgans and Fergusons rifles as well.

Painting these figures is a challenge. I usually start with a tope base and give it several light washes of brown ink. This is then highlighted up to a bone colouration.

Generic Continental Battalion

This battalion has been formed round a core of brown coats with a few blue coats throw in for good measure. I think regiments of continentals should always contain a mixture of different coat colours and forms, including hunting shirts, shirt sleeves and civilean dress. Nearly all my battalions are formed this way. Very often new recruits to a regiment were dressed in the offical regimental uniform whilst veteran soldiers had to make do with the original coats they were issued with. I would never form a battalion of perfectly uniformed brown or blue coated soldiers as I dont believe there was ever a period where this level uniformity was achieved.

The flag is the Continental Standard first seen at Brandywine in 1777.

Brigade and Army Generals

These figures are a mixture of Perry Miniatures and Foundry. Painting up leaders and horses especially is one of my pet hates and for many moons we had to endure stand in figures or even markers to act as brigadiers!! I really am that lazy. I have recently gone through a painting frenzy with the officers (and still have about 20 more to paint). These are just a few examples of the generals I have completed. I particularly like the officer in the hunting shirt who has masqueraded as Morgan on more than one occasion. I hope you like them.

I love this model. Bit of a sad attempt at a dappled grey..more like a grey with white slodges.

I normally use this base as Greene or Washington.

Grasshopper Gun

Strangely this is one of my favourite models. It is really well scuplted and the movement of the horse being a bit of a pain as the handler reaches for his bridle is superb. The little gun was painted to represent one of the smaller 3pdr guns used by Cornwallis in the Carolina's. I dont normally go for painting my guns cornflower blue and usually paint my carriages a neutral wooden colour so that I can use them for both sides. Not historically accurate but much, much cheaper!!!

...sorry this picture is a bit dark!!

Not AWI but....

This is a quick picture of my "on the workbench" napoleonics which will be posted as they are completed. As you cas see this is a French Curassier Officer. I will be posting some line infantry, generals, chevaux-legers Lanciers and more curassiers soon!!!

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  1. Your figures look fantastic. I assume you've based for "British Grenadier". May i ask, what are the dimensions of your bases?