Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My American War of Independence Collection

My First Post - What is this all about???The purpose of this blog is for me to show all those who are interated a glimpse of my painting techniques, the miniatures I paint, the history I study and the wargames I play. I have been gaming for nearly twenty years and I play all kinds of games from fantasy to historical. My main love is the horse and musket era born out of the love of the bravery such men showed, the birth of national pride and the uniforms the soldiers wore.The first army I am going to show is my American War of Independence force, my real love and the conflict I study above all others. As this collection is almost complete I think most of the painting updates and new photo's will be of my Napoleonic Quatre Bras collection. This will be made up of units from both sides and will grow slowly using Perry Minitures. Perry Miniatures are my figures of choice although my AWI collection uses figures from Foundry as well. There are also cameo appearances from the odd Conquest and Front Rank miniatures and several packs of Eueka's excellent ragged continentals.My Napoleonic collection will be made up exclusively from Perry miniatures. I am also painting this army to a higher standard than my AWI collection. Having painted for many years both as a collector and semi professionally I have gradual built up my painting reportoire. My AWI figures were painted to a decent wargames standard but I have decided to take my time and try and get a collectors standard throughout my new Napoleonic army. My French Line are being painted in stages and I will show the gradual painting process of these as I go.A final note, I am happy to have anyone email for advice painting or even if they wish to participate in one of my organised games which will appear on this blog from time to time.

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