Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clear out time!!! Stuff for sale!!!

Believe it or not I am selling the 10mm AWI and my Red Scorpions.  Those with an interest in AWI will be pleased to know I have just invested in a load more Perry 28mm AWI again but this time with some plastics.  I really like 28mm and with the addition if the huge army of Naps I can't face painting any more 10mm.  I have the following:
2 x British 3pdr guns
3 x British 6pdr guns
5 x Leader bases (4 singularly based the other a double army commander stand)
1 x continental battalion in brown coats and red facings (40 figs)
8 x stands of militia (64 figs)
4 x Battalions of British (in roundabouts, 1 painted as De Lacey's battalion)- 160 figs
2 x Hessian Grenadier Battalions (8o figs)
1 x Rall Grenadier Regt (30 figs)
2 x British skirmishers stands (6 figs)
11 x Jaeger skirmisher stands (33 figs)
only some of this lot is based, including all the artillery, leaders, jaegers, and one or two units.
I also have a staggering (STAGGERING) amount of unpainted stuff. So here goes:
Each unit is sorted in a bag with command and contains 40 figures unless stated. I have mixed some Pendraken codes to better represent the unit appearance:
Mixed Continental battalions x 9 (hunting shirts, shirt sleeves and uniforms
unifromed continental battalions x 4
Continentals in hunting shirt battalions x 2
Continentals in shirt sleeves and hunting shirts x 4
Continentals/LI in caps x 2
Continentals in uniforms and hunting shirts x 2
Late continentals x 1
Continental skirmishers x 20 figs
Riflemen (roughly 30)
Commanders x 18 
Continental artil;lery 3 x 3pdr, 6 x 6pdr plus a pack of additional crew.
That totals 24 battalions (thats over 1000 figures overall!)
British in saratoga dress marching x 180 figs
6 x Battalions 1768 warrant
7 x Battalions in Cut down coats
2 x Battalions of Grenadiers
1 x Battalion of LI
36 Figs x LI skirmishing
2 x Guards Battalions
1 x Queens rangers Battalion
2 x Hessian Grenadiers
1 x Brunswick Musketeers
3 x Hessian Musketeers
2 x Hessian Fusiliers
30 x figs Indians
2 x Highlanders in kilts battalion
2 x Battalion of Highlanders in trews
A shed load of wounded markers
3 or 4 more battalions of roundabout British (undercoated)
20 x Figs of British Light Dragoons – part painted and loads of additional odds and ends.
Plus enough French to make three or four battalions inc Grenadiers.
I will sell seperately. I will also swap figure for figure for some Austrian 1809 or French 1809 from Pendrakens new range. I would prefer one offer for the whole lot but im not too fussy.  I would like £475 for the lot!

Please also have a look on eBay as I am selling the three Red Scorpion models seen below.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Italian Wars 28mm Work in Progress

Well it makes a change to have some reasonable weather for once.  I am off down the Thames at Henley today on my in laws boat to have a bite to eat and a few beers. Can't wait.  Whilst I sun my self I thought I'd post a few pictures of my very long term Italian Wars project (I must have had the figures 15 years or so).  I am collecting mainly for a Pavia project and love the Perry's old Foundry Landsknechtes range.  Anyway, some basic landsknechtes, a gun and some gendarmes are done and just waiting to be based.