Tuesday, 16 December 2008

1/71st Highland Regiment and Lee's Legion Horse

As I have already spent the last few years putting together and painting my still unfinished AWI collection I thought I would slowly share it with you all. I will be photographing and adding notes on the various regiments I have already painted. I will also give you some notes on the uniform details and standards I have painted as well as giving tips on painting and modelling.

1/71st Highland Regiment

I have always had a thing for the celtic element of the British armed forces and feel that the celtic impetous and ferocity combined with the Germanic efficiency of the army is what has lead us from victory to victory in the field. I was looking forward to painting the highland regiments with kilts and tartan everywhere. My intial collection was to be put together to represent the armies partaking in the Carolina campaign during 1780-81. The problem was that after careful research I found that the kilt was ditched in favour of good old fashioned trews. This regiment took me a couple of days to put together and I was pleased with its outcome (even though tartan was scarce). I undercoat all my models in black and mainly use the layering method when painting. However I do use inks, washes and glazes where I need to. The flag was made from A4 paper painted and glued to the pole. I then bent it to shape and covered the lot in watered down PV in three coats. This makes the flag go rigid. I also spray varnished the models once they were mounted on the bases. The bases were covered in pva and sand and then painted black and dry brushed.

Lee's Legion Horse

I had problems when putting together this unit as there were no models (of sufficient quality) on the market. After researching the uniform I found it was similar to the British Legion. Although I like the Front Rank models I dont feel they fit in with Perry's very well as they do tend to be slightly more chunky in appearance. I decided that instead I would take the US Dragoon models from Foundry and use green stuff and a modelling knife to try and get the appearance I was looking for. I first trimmed the facings and cuffs from the model and used green stuff smooth out the jeackets. I then removed most of the helmet, just leaving a skull cap on the figure. I then added a turban and crest. I think they came out quite well. Unfortunately the Perry brothers then released the BL cavalry!!! Nevermind. Still, at least they are fairly unique...


  1. Hi,

    Nice figures. The 71st is one of my favourite units which I have in 15mm and would love to do a 2nd Battalion if I could only find the extra Polly Oliver figures!

    Lee's Legion - at some point I found a reference which put them in buff uniforms and went for that to differentiate them from Tarleton's chaps. Can't find the reference anymore so may re-do them at some point!

    Anyway, nice to see another AWI themed blog. You can never have too many :-)



  2. You are quite right Andy, they were seen in buff at Gloucester. In fact what they did was reverse their jackets when approaching the BL cavlary so they could differentiate each other from the enemy. Lee's Legion wore green for the cavalry and a purple roundabout and leggings for the foot. Weird uniform. They also had a standard depicting a horses head and the motto "US Dragoons". Sometimes this has been replaced by the motto "Lee's Dragoons". I went for the former for mine.

  3. Hi

    Do you really mean Gloucester? I thought Lee's Legion were of in the Carolinas at that point. I am dubious about the 'US Dragoons' flag/standard it does not really fit with the style or terminology of the time. What I mean is that Lee's troops (and all those paid for by Congress) were Continentals - the appelation US is soemthing that comes out later, post-war from what I have read. That said nice paint job and wonderful conversion, I admire your skill and patience!

  4. Gloucester was just a reference to the actions around Yorktown. I did find the US Dragoons wording a little strange but I will post my sources once I dig them out. I have seen several militia flag motto's bearing the term "united states" so, although not widely used it must have been a fairly widespread term if not formly used. It is of course entirely possible that the standard should read Lee's Dragoons. Thanks you for your comments though they are appreciated.