Monday, 5 July 2010

Grenadier Battalion von Minnegerode Completed

The first battalion is complete the Grenadier Battalion von Minnegerode. The rest of the details are in the post below. I hope you like them.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hessian Grenadiers

Right. I have been hard at work with my new 10mm Hessians and I have the first stand completed. The whole regiment will be posted soon and I am hoping to get my new camera to function better than this so please see this as a taster only. Obviously I cannot get as much detail on these as the 28mm but I think the models are excellent, without doubt the finest 10mm models I have ever seen. The variation in poses and detail is unbelievable. hat I particularly like is the effect of seeing 40 figures to a battalion as this unit will be. The unit represents the Grenadier Battalion von Minnigerode. The unit is made up of four companies from the Fusilier regiments Erbprinz, von Dittfurth, von Lossberg, and von Knyphausen. Each company has been painted to represent the parent unit. This particular company is from the von Dittfurth Fusiliers. I have gone away from using British Grenadier (which is a shame because I think they are excellent) as I don't see casualty removal working with bases like this and recording casualties will be a mess. I have instead written my own rules utilising several sets of rules I like (including BG as I have kept the disruption points system) and also a fantastic and amazingly original Throne of Bayonets (available here: ToB is a Napoleonic set of rules but elements of it will work for any horse and musket period game with a few tweaks.