Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clear out time!!! Stuff for sale!!!

Believe it or not I am selling the 10mm AWI and my Red Scorpions.  Those with an interest in AWI will be pleased to know I have just invested in a load more Perry 28mm AWI again but this time with some plastics.  I really like 28mm and with the addition if the huge army of Naps I can't face painting any more 10mm.  I have the following:
2 x British 3pdr guns
3 x British 6pdr guns
5 x Leader bases (4 singularly based the other a double army commander stand)
1 x continental battalion in brown coats and red facings (40 figs)
8 x stands of militia (64 figs)
4 x Battalions of British (in roundabouts, 1 painted as De Lacey's battalion)- 160 figs
2 x Hessian Grenadier Battalions (8o figs)
1 x Rall Grenadier Regt (30 figs)
2 x British skirmishers stands (6 figs)
11 x Jaeger skirmisher stands (33 figs)
only some of this lot is based, including all the artillery, leaders, jaegers, and one or two units.
I also have a staggering (STAGGERING) amount of unpainted stuff. So here goes:
Each unit is sorted in a bag with command and contains 40 figures unless stated. I have mixed some Pendraken codes to better represent the unit appearance:
Mixed Continental battalions x 9 (hunting shirts, shirt sleeves and uniforms
unifromed continental battalions x 4
Continentals in hunting shirt battalions x 2
Continentals in shirt sleeves and hunting shirts x 4
Continentals/LI in caps x 2
Continentals in uniforms and hunting shirts x 2
Late continentals x 1
Continental skirmishers x 20 figs
Riflemen (roughly 30)
Commanders x 18 
Continental artil;lery 3 x 3pdr, 6 x 6pdr plus a pack of additional crew.
That totals 24 battalions (thats over 1000 figures overall!)
British in saratoga dress marching x 180 figs
6 x Battalions 1768 warrant
7 x Battalions in Cut down coats
2 x Battalions of Grenadiers
1 x Battalion of LI
36 Figs x LI skirmishing
2 x Guards Battalions
1 x Queens rangers Battalion
2 x Hessian Grenadiers
1 x Brunswick Musketeers
3 x Hessian Musketeers
2 x Hessian Fusiliers
30 x figs Indians
2 x Highlanders in kilts battalion
2 x Battalion of Highlanders in trews
A shed load of wounded markers
3 or 4 more battalions of roundabout British (undercoated)
20 x Figs of British Light Dragoons – part painted and loads of additional odds and ends.
Plus enough French to make three or four battalions inc Grenadiers.
I will sell seperately. I will also swap figure for figure for some Austrian 1809 or French 1809 from Pendrakens new range. I would prefer one offer for the whole lot but im not too fussy.  I would like £475 for the lot!

Please also have a look on eBay as I am selling the three Red Scorpion models seen below.


  1. Would you be interested in a trade for 28mm AWI mainly Perry and Foundry (Perry)
    Painted and unpainted

  2. Possibly.... I am mainly interested in the Perry stuff (even though they did foundry figures too). What do you have?

  3. I will put a list together for you and some pics over the weekend if that's ok, but it includes British in cut down coats and turned up hats, dragons, hessians, continentals will head off to the garage now and start counting!

  4. Coolies... Look forward to seeing the list!

  5. For ease I have listed the unpainted packs by their codes is that ok?
    I have 1 x 37,1x34,1x35,1x39,1x16,1x17,1x85,2x86,4x79,1x97,1x131,1x132,2x136,1x140 and 1x47.
    Painted figures are all in 24 figure battalions Royal. welsh fusiliers, cut down jackets turned up hats and white plumes, Scots Guards as above. Coldstream Guards as above but with red plumes. Buff faces regiment with jockey caps. 20 figure unit with black plumes etc I don't seem to have a command for this one!
    American 1 brown coat regiment, 1 blue coat regiment and 1 grey coat regiment. 20 skirmishers hunting jackets and civilian coats.
    The painted figures were part of a very large collection I acquired I have gradually touched up and rebased the majority but with some 2,500 figure painted don't think I need many more:)
    I do have foundry artillery etc if you are interested
    Painted figures I would ask what I paid for which was £2.75 a figure and the unpainted £5 a pack if you want to work something out happy to discuss andi can send some pics onSunday.

  6. I'll have a good think on it. The idea was to make some money so I might swap some of it. Ill have a look at the codes over the weekend.

  7. No problem, I have some cash so we can maybe sort something?

  8. Sorry meant to say I could most probably do half cash if that helps?

  9. Cool... Ill have a look and let you know!

  10. Graham...could you email me at please. Id rather talk privately about this. Thanks...