Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sorry I've been away - But lots of new models to show for it!

First of all let me apologise for being away so long.  Life has definitely got in the way.  I have changed job a couple of times and moved house but now i'm settled I can hopefully begin to start showing you some projects that have been on my painting desk for some time.  I will be posting multiple photos over the coming days but I'm going to start with some of my fantasy/sci fi offerings.  These are generally from my 40k and Warhammer collections with one or two bits of experimental technique work (like more NNM or non metallic metals).

The first stuff I am going to show you is from my Red Scorpions space marine chapter.  I chose these guys after doing a commission for someone else.  They loved the paint job on a commander figure I completed for them and I so enjoyed the result I decided to do some for myself.  The army is only small at the moment and is fitting itself in between my other projects.  Below are pictures of my heavily converted Terminator Captain, my Venerable Dreadnaught, my Land Speeder with badly wounded passenger and some other work in progress bits.  I would love to hear what you think.  Coming later will be more work on my 10mm AWI, 10mm Napoleonics and 28mm Italian Wars.

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