Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Some More AWI 10mm...

This army has been on the back burner for a while, possibly because I invested over 10 years in creating my huge 28mm force.  however, the bug periodically rears its ugly head for a few weeks here and there, enabling me to add a few more units to my ever growing force.  I have much more painted now than appears on this blog but I really need a basing purge before I even think about putting it on.

Anyways I have added some pictures of some British 3lb guns, some British Commanders and some jager.  The Jager now number about 15 stands but the rest are not based yet!  On the painting desk for the AWI at the moment are some continentals, British in Roundabouts, more Hessians and a shed load of militia.

I hope you like these.
British 3lb Guns
Commander and Highland Aide

Another roguish British Commander

Hessian Jagers

And even more British Commanders...

In regard to rules I was using a simple set I designed myself as British Grenadier does not lend itself well to large 40 model units.  I have tried several sets now including Fire and Fury Regimental, a Johnny Reb AWI conversion and even Black Powder but none have so far pleased me as much as good 'ol British Grenadier.  However, I was recently invited to play a friends AWI game using his stonking 40mm figures and using The Perfect Captains set of rues called John Bull.  Although the game is meant to be a company level game, with a few tweaks we have played several engagements now at Battalion level with great success.  I like the rules as they have elements of British Grenadier within them.  We have changed the rules slightly to cater for the disruption mechanic I like so much from BG and Loose Files and American Scramble but the unit cards are a wonderful addition with John Bull that give excellent period flavour.

I am always on the lookout for other great sets so any further advice from my fellow gamers would be appreciated.


  1. Very nice stuff going here fella,

    Any chance of some base sizes etc,

    Cheers Shaun

  2. Hi Shaun. All the infantry are based on 4x2 cm warmaster bases. everything else is based on the same frontage but 3 times the depth for artillery and cavalry. The leaders are based on 2 pence coin sized bases (are you allowed to base on 2p's or does the queen object). I'll stick with 2p sized bases I think!