Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Year...New Blog Priorities

Again a massive apology to those who want me to post more stuff. I have had a hell of a year but this one will hopefully bring a bit more in the way of stability. So...I will post all of my units on my Blog, starting with my representation of a Virginia Continental Regiment (probably the 10th). I am very much in Gile's camp when it comes to painting units to represent what they were as opposed to the generic method and because of this I have spent a great deal of my time researching uniforms and generally copying Gile's regiments I like the look of! (SORRY GILES).

I like the individual appearance of the different uniforms which often gives a rag tag appearance to the American forces which I like. I also mix many civilian and un-uniformed chaps in each unit to enhance this look further. So there we go...the first unit to show you with many more on the way I hope.

I hope you like them.


  1. I like them very much!
    I do exactly the same as you do in regards to unit construction.
    Giles also has a huge influence on me as well.


  2. Lovely looking regiment. Is the flag hand-painted?


  3. Yes...I hand paint all my flags and there will be some additional ones to see shortly. The next post will be the 2nd New York regt from poors brigade. Although a New Hampshire Brigade it did have two NY units in it and I have given this unit the brigade Flag just because it was different. I will post that at some point today or tomorrow!

  4. Very nice, and I look forward to seeing your other units.