Thursday, 4 February 2010

52nd Foot

Right, I know I said more Continentals next but these have been sitting on my painting table for a while. I am not going to attach the Grenadier battalions that I paint to go with each unit and instead I will display these separately as several huge battalions of converged grenadiers, hence this regt is only currently 16 figures strong. I have painted each regt as a 20 man unit so I can attach or un-attach the grenadiers at will. If a scenario dictates I need a 20 strong unit I simply place the grenadiers on the table with them. Some may argue this is not historically accurate but I frankly don't give a monkey's!
I also do the same with my light infantry regts, which are generally 20 strong and quite frankly very vanilla ( they are sometimes loyalists as well). These are simple roundabout and slouch hat infantry. I sometimes portion these out amongst my other units to to bulk them out in times of need. This unit portrays the 52nd Line in their buff small cloths and facings. I have to say most of my British regts, say 60% were bought before the Perry brothers extended their range with their own company. these are Foundry figures and as expected are excellent. I intermix freely foundry and Perry miniatures and also the odd Eureka miniature for some flavour here and there. I like the standard regulation uniform and as I don't collect for on particular theatre I like a mix in uniform variations. The only theatre I have no dedicated British for at the moment is Saratoga, but that is currently being remedied. I am not completely convinced about the uniform changes in the Americas as none are particularly well documented (apart from Burgoynes amendments). I have seen sketches of troops at Yorktown quite clearly showing British foot in Tricornes so I think it was very variable. Most units garrisoned in New York and not actively campaigning would have worn the regulation uniform I think. As many of the units at Yorktown were also fairly new to the Theatre it would seem fitting for them to be in regulation dress. Overall, I don't think it matters too much, the mix of uniforms is something I prefer, although in the future I am going to add some more roundabout and shortend coat units to represent some more loyalist battalions and the odd British on campaign unit. Enough ranting now!

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  1. Very nice turned out unit!Just like you,I like to mix my Perry with their old Foundry stuff as they work well together.