Saturday, 20 June 2020

New Models

Since my last post, which I believe was five years ago at least, a lot has happened in my war-gaming world.  I aim to post a few of the finished projects as well as some other new ones that I will be starting out with very soon. 

I have two methods of painting.  I either smash models out quick at a good standard or I spend an age painting everything to as high a standard as I can.  It is usually an indication of how invested in a period I actually am.  The armies I will be showing you over the next few weeks will be as follows: 10mm Napoleonics, 40mm Napoleonics, 28mm WW2, 28mm Carlist War, 40mm AWI, 28mm League of Augsburg, 28mm Back of Beyond and 28mm Romano British.  I will start with an update tomorrow on my 28mm Cape Frontier War army which I painted three years ago and now has a new home!

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